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Centos 7 Add Static Routes via nmcli

1 minute read

For me configuring Network in Centos 7 are more tricky when NetworkManager.service is active. Frequently I configuring by changing configuration file inside ...



Show Disk Info in Solaris

1 minute read

It’s just my note, about How to Show Disk Info in Solaris. Using the iostat command we can gather about disk information.

When Importing Solaris SMF Fail

less than 1 minute read

It’s May be happen while you importing custom SMF into your solaris, in my case I use space instead of tab while inserting value on /etc/services file.

FIO formula used by gitlab

less than 1 minute read

It’s just my note to save this fio formula used by gitlab to benchmark storage performance of their VM.


Recovering Openstack Galera Cluster

2 minute read

It’s just my note, how to recovering the MariaDB galera cluster while all node failed to create new cluster after hardware failure.

Nova Giveup of VHD Coalesce

4 minute read

When your openstack running with Xenserver as compute HyperVisor you may find this error to instance who made often migration across the HyperVisor.

Xenserver 7 Autostart VM

less than 1 minute read

This is guide to make Xenserver 7.x automatically start the VM (domU) every reboot. By default this feature wasn’t available at XenCenter management software...

Openstack Nova Migrate Error SSH Key

less than 1 minute read

ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.server ResizeError: Resize error: not able to execute ssh command: Unexpected error while running command. ERROR oslo_messagi...

Avoid Openstack Neutron using Ryu

1 minute read

I’m so excited by the latest release of OpenStack, the Newton release. Recently I workon Liberty release connected to XenServer as a hypervisor, and I skippe...