Setup TLS email alerts for Napp-it at OmniOS

1 minute read

Encrypted TLS email requires that you install the needed OS modules for encryption, The Websocket server requires them also for wss (realtime graphics over https).

I do this things on my OmniOS 151018 and 151020 server.

Enable TLS

For the first thing is we have to enable TLS emails on our OmniOS, using the following setup :

# perl -MCPAN -e shell

it will take you to the cpan shell

cpan[1]> notest install Net::SSLeay
cpan[1]> notest install IO::Socket::SSL
cpan[1]> notest install Net::SMTP::TLS
cpan[1]> exit

Setting email notification

now back to your napp-it on your web browser :


pick menu About > Setting > Email Notification , then fill the form with your mail credentials.

SMTP Mailserver: ex. <~~ fill with your smtp server address

SMTP user: <~~~  fill with your mail username

SMTP password: <~~ your mail password

Mailto (opt commalist): <~~ fill with your destination mail address .

then submit

Test TLS mail

Enable TLS mail

Go to menu Jobs > TLS Email > enable TLS email

Test TLS mail

Go to menu Jobs > TLS Email > TLS-test > submit

to test your mail.

Relaxed Google security

Maybe you’ll get this error if your using gmail accounts

Auth failed: 534 5.7.14

It’s because by default now google sets strictly security for every accounts, then you had to relaxed google security setting from this links

Resolve Auth failed: 534 5.7.14

Choose Turn on for Access for less secure apps option.

Then try to test your TLS-email again.