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Recovering Openstack Galera Cluster

2 minute read

It’s just my note, how to recovering the MariaDB galera cluster while all node failed to create new cluster after hardware failure.

Nova Giveup of VHD Coalesce

4 minute read

When your openstack running with Xenserver as compute HyperVisor you may find this error to instance who made often migration across the HyperVisor.

Centos 7 Add Static Routes via nmcli

1 minute read

For me configuring Network in Centos 7 are more tricky when NetworkManager.service is active. Frequently I configuring by changing configuration file inside ...

Xenserver 7 Autostart VM

less than 1 minute read

This is guide to make Xenserver 7.x automatically start the VM (domU) every reboot. By default this feature wasn’t available at XenCenter management software...