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Nova Giveup of VHD Coalesce

4 minute read

When your openstack running with Xenserver as compute HyperVisor you may find this error to instance who made often migration across the HyperVisor.

Centos 7 Add Static Routes via nmcli

1 minute read

For me configuring Network in Centos 7 are more tricky when NetworkManager.service is active. Frequently I configuring by changing configuration file inside ...

Xenserver 7 Autostart VM

less than 1 minute read

This is guide to make Xenserver 7.x automatically start the VM (domU) every reboot. By default this feature wasn’t available at XenCenter management software...

When Importing Solaris SMF Fail

less than 1 minute read

It’s May be happen while you importing custom SMF into your solaris, in my case I use space instead of tab while inserting value on /etc/services file.