Add Plank Dock in to Ubuntu Desktop 18.04

1 minute read

Just want to make some fun things with Ubuntu 18.04 desktop at my working laptop. I want add Plank dock just to be like OSX dock.

To install Plank Dock into Ubuntu 18.04 , we will installing from command line, luckily plank package was already available at Ubuntu Repository.

Installing Plank dock

# apt install Plank

Operating Plank

To start plank just press start button then search PLANK and open it, it would be appears at bottom of desktop by default.

For manage Plank Dock preference we need to press Ctrl + Right click at plank Dock already

Make Plank Start Automatically

To make Plank start Automatically while login, we need add autostart script for plank. Create ~/.config/autostart/plank.desktop file with this content

[Desktop Entry]

Hide GNOME dock

Hide GNOME dock, so your desktop will only show Plank Dock only. Hide GNOME Dock using gsttings. To make it simple, I create two file. First file to hide GNOME dock, the other one for enabled it again.

Hide GNOME Dock

gsettings set autohide false
gsettings set dock-fixed false
gsettings set intellihide false

make it executable with chmod +x, then execute it.

Show GNOME Dock

gsettings set autohide true
gsettings set dock-fixed true
gsettings set intellihide true

also make it executable.

alt text